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AI-Powered Personal Assistants: Convenience or Invasion of Privacy? The Debate might be “hot”

This article discusses the pros and cons of AI-powered personal assistants such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple Siri. It highlights the convenience they offer, but also raises concerns about privacy. The article goes over the potential risks of having virtual assistants that are always listening and recording our conversations, and the security breaches that can happen if the data is not handled properly. It also suggests ways to protect our privacy such as limiting the amount of personal information shared with virtual assistants and regularly reviewing privacy settings. The article concludes by stating that with being mindful of these privacy issues, we can still enjoy the convenience of these virtual assistants without compromising our privacy. [...]
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AI in Healthcare: The Doctor will see you now (with the help of a robot)

This article discusses how AI is changing the way we receive healthcare, making it more efficient and accurate. It explains how AI is helping doctors to make more accurate diagnoses, how it is improving the efficiency of medical research, and how it is being used to assist in surgeries. It also highlights the benefits of AI-powered healthcare, such as getting the help you need in a matter of minutes, having access to more accurate diagnoses and treatments, and faster recovery times. [...]
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