The Power of Machine Creativity

This article explores the intersection of AI and art, examining how AI is being used to create new forms of art and the impact it is having on the art world. Through a deep dive into one aspect of AI-generated art, we see the potential for AI to push the boundaries of human creativity and inspire artists to think differently about the role of technology in art. The article concludes with a discussion of the ethical implications of using AI to create art and a call to action for artists and art lovers alike to embrace this new form of expression. [...]
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What if AI was used for mass government surveillance?

In this article, we examine the potential consequences of using artificial intelligence (AI) for mass government surveillance. We consider the impact this could have on privacy and civil liberties, and examine the ethical implications of using AI for such purposes. With a reflective tone, we discuss the potential consequences of AI-powered surveillance and the need for caution and regulation in the use of AI for government surveillance. [...]
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